How to build a resume

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The first thing the manager looks at is the general view of the pages. The page appearance is determined by the font, its size (size), spacing and margins. The main text should be located “on the width of the page”; paragraphs are marked with a red line. Pagination should be continuous. The title page is considered, but the number is not put on it. As a rule, the number is placed at the top on the right or in the middle.

The arrangement of the structural parts. The title is followed by the Content, by the Content the introduction, chapters, conclusion, bibliography and appendix (if any) all of these parts begin on a new page and have headings written, as a rule, in capital letters; no dot at the end; transfers are not allowed. Headings of parts are located in the middle of the line and after them comes an empty line (and sometimes two). Chapters may have paragraphs. As a rule, paragraph headings in coursework are arranged “in width” with indented red lines; are written in lowercase letters, starting with large; transfers are not allowed.

The text of the paragraph is immediately after the title. After the paragraph, one or two blank lines and then comes the next paragraph. In the course you need to submit a bibliographic list (list of references). All sources should be arranged alphabetically in the following order: first regulations, then books, then printed periodicals, CD sources, Internet sources. The term paper may contain links.

According to GOST, references can be made in two ways: in the text in the upper case the reference number is put, and at the bottom of the page after the sign the corresponding full description of the source; right in the text in square brackets indicate the source number of the bibliography. In general, this is the main thing you need to know for the correct presentation of coursework in finished form. Sometimes, it may be necessary to submit pictures, tables, links to electronic media, etc.