What to put on a resume

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Pages of text and applications must comply with A4 format (210×297). The work is carried out in a typewriter manner on one side of a sheet of white paper in 1.5-2 intervals. The height of the letters and numbers must be at least 1.8 mm. (Usually a font of 12 Times New Roman C with double spacing or a font of 14 Times New Roman C with one and a half intervals). There are about 1800 characters on a page, including spaces and punctuation, i.e. 57-60 characters per line, 28-30 lines per page. The text of the course work should be printed, observing the following field sizes: left at least 30 mm, right at least 10 mm, upper at least 15 mm, lower at least 20 mm. When performing coursework, it is necessary to observe uniform density, contrast and clarity of the image, lines, letters, numbers and signs should be clear, equally black throughout the text.

The headings of the structural elements of the course work and sections of the main part should be placed in the middle of the line without a dot at the end and printed in capital letters without underlining. Headings are separated from the text at the top and bottom by three intervals. Headings of subsections and paragraphs should begin with a paragraph indent and type with a capital letter in a row, without underlining, without a point at the end. If the heading includes several sentences, they are separated by dots. Word hyphenation is not allowed. Course work is the first work of the student, requiring him to master the elements of research work. The topic of the course work can not be descriptive, the formulation of the topic should be laid research problem.

Course work prepares the student to perform a more complex task thesis. We recommend that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with this topic, as the main requirements for any scientific work are stated here. Themes of the term papers are proposed and approved by the departments. Basic guidance data and guidelines for coursework in a particular discipline are prepared by the department. Students independently choose the discipline and topic of the course, but within the framework of the curriculum. The student can also offer his topic of course work, but justifying the expediency of its development.

Rationally, the topics of coursework performed by students for the entire period of study should be selected in such a way that, together with the thesis, they form a single system of sequentially complicated and interrelated works. It is desirable to publicly conduct a coursework protection procedure. When defending a job, a student learns not only to state his thoughts correctly, but also to defend with arguments, to defend put forward conclusions and decisions. The subject must be specified without quotes and without the word “subject.” The wording of the topic should be as short as possible and consistent with the content of the work. The amount of course work from 20 to 40 pages of typewritten text.